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About me....

I started with Photography as a teenager in the 1980's, learning hints and tricks from established photographers in Yorkshire...I quickly decided that landscapes and farms wasn't my thing and moved onto faster moving subjects.

A brief spell in the military picking up more bad habits and i was ready to hit the ground running with my own style.......the rest is history.


Its my "second" first love, as i also work full-time in Aviation Operations Management....the two go hand in hand sometimes.

I enjoy all aspects of photography, but particularly the Aerial and Live Music photography. I also freelance for a number of road race and obstacle course race photography providers, so can also be seen at events such as the London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Tough Mudder and Bear Grylls races amongst many others.

I am an Alamy and Getty i-stock contributing photographer, so you can also search for my stock images with them too...